Sunday, August 7, 2011

Frugal Finds: Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thrift stores are not the only places to find cheap home décor items. Scoping out the clearance racks at outlet stores and deep discount chains like Big Lots, which I mentioned in this post, are great places to score great deals.

Today, I found this week’s frugal finds on the clearance racks at Home Goods.

Ceramic White Multi-Purpose Container
This beautiful white ceramic piece looked to have belonged to a jar. The top portion was broken off, but that was no concern for me. When I first saw this item, I was in awe at not only the price, but that it was in perfect condition (no cracks, chips or discoloration) for an item on the clearance rack.

When I got home, the first thing I did was remove the metal ring around the top. All I had to do was loosen the metal piece clamping the ring and, voila, the ring fell off.

Now, I have a beautiful multi-purpose ceramic container that can be used:
  • As a planter
  • To put our keys in on the buffet counter (pictured)
  • To store paper clips, rubber bands and other miscellaneous office supplies
  • To store paint brushes and other painting supplies
  • To store hair accessories
  • To store fashion accessories, such as chunky bangles/bracelets, watches or brooches
  • To store miscellaneous craft or sewing supplies, such as beads, buttons or spools of ribbon and thread
The list is endless. I love this little container. And guess how much….$1 buck-a-roo!


White and Green Leafy Ceramic Jar
This white and green, leaf-like decorated ceramic jar was my other frugal find for the day. I am not quite sure what it is supposed to be used for (other than just decoration), but I love this guy (yes, I do tend to personalize my frugal finds by gender. Not quite sure why).

You can either simply display him in a bookshelf, on a kitchen counter or in a china cabinet to add a little flare to your décor. You can also remove the lid (it is ceramic, too) and use it as a vase by putting in a couple of flowers, such as daisies, and display it as a centerpiece on a table.

The astonishing discounted price of this item was a whopping $2. I snagged him up faster than you can say cheap.

What are some of your favorite stores to find great buys on the clearance rack?

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