Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frugal Finds: Sunday, July 17th, 2011

So, I thought that I would also post any frugal finds that I come across in addition to the frugal refurbishing projects. Since this weekend was pretty busy, I did not have the chance to work on any refurbishing projects (although, I did pick up a deep discounted item that will eventually become a refurbish project. More to come on that at a later date).

I've always been a pretty frugal shopper, but since it's come down to furnishing our much bigger (and pricer) apartment these past few months, I've had to resort to the most skillful ninja-like frugal shopping. This weekend's adventures were in search for:
  • A functional, not too tacky shoe rack for the front hallway
  • A bedroom mirror
  • A rug for the dinning room carpet that meets the kitchen
All items were successfully (and frugalfully - is that a word) found.

Bedroom Decorative Mirror
This item is probably the one I am most proud of for not only finding on deep discount, but also that it is so freaking awesome. I love this mirror. Plain and simple.

It's probably one of my favorite items in our home.
So how much was it?
Not only was $9.97 a freaking steal for this mirror, but it was an ADDITIONAL 25% off! Can you believe it? With tax, I still ended up paying less than $8. Still can't believe it.
Over the past year, we have become huge fans of a new Big Lots discount chain near downtown. It's HUGE and really nice and organized. We even bought our huge, comfy Ashley Furniture couch there for an unbelievable $269 with some of our wedding money. 

This weekend they were having another one of their friends and family additional percent off sales. We knew we had some things to get, so we couldn't pass up the sale.

Shoe Rack
We have a huge problem piling up our shoes by the front door. In our last apartment, it wasn't so bad, because they were kind of hidden underneath the bar area. However, our new home doesn't really have that space, so we've kind of gotten in the (bad) habit of kicking them off right at the entrance of the living room after the entrance hallway. Can we say TACKY? 
I found a really awesome shoe rack/storage bench online a few weeks ago, but it's entirely out of our budget at the moment, so we needed something extremely cheap that wasn't too much of an eyesore.
I found the above silver metal rack for $8, which was a decent price. But, that price got even better after the additional discount. Oh yeah! 

The total price, with tax, was under 7 buckaroos. Eventually, when we find a better solution for this area (or we break the habit...), this will be great for our closet.

Dining Room/Kitchen Entrance Rug
Since we have cream white carpet, everything seems to show up. And we have a little dog who LOVES to sit and beg at the edge of the carpet that leads into the kitchen whenever we are cooking. 
I found this brown (it's actually a darker/latte color in person) SHAG rug for $6. 

This was another one of my best buys this weekend. Not only does it look quality made, but it's freaking comfortable. They had two bigger versions for $10 and $17, and I'm seriously contemplating going back and getting one of them for our bedroom. (Oh how cream white carpet has started my obsession with rugs...)

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that the rug also had an extra discount? Yes! Cost of this baby was only $4.80, plus tax. 

So, all in all, great buys found this weekend. Setting out with a shopping goal and having patience can really help you find the best deals when the pocket is a little tight.  You may not find your deal at the first, second or third store you shop at, but when the sale is right, you will find it.

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