Saturday, July 9, 2011

Framed Card Decor

Do you like to save old cards from birthdays, holidays and anniversaries? Or, do you simply hate throwing away cards because they're so beautiful? If yes, then this project may be just your cup of tea. Every year I try to unhaul some of my clutter (or, as some may call it, crap kept due to pack-rat syndrome). This weekend's goal was to clear and sort out the office closet, which, in a sense, became the walk-in closet where everything got thrown into after the move.

Now that we've been here three months, it's really time to get this thing completely cleaned out and organized.
Stuff was put into piles, garbage bags and to-be-donated boxes. In the process, I was finding it really hard to throw away some of the cards I've received recently. Instead of adding them to the pile of miscellaneous office stuff and paperwork, I decided that if I loved them so much, I should put them somewhere where I can see them. Thus, the following idea was created:
Framing Cards for Instant Decor
Select a card of your choice and decide which section you would like to frame.

Pick out a frame that you think best compliments the card.

Take out the glass in the frame and place it over the section of the card that you want to put into the frame.

With a pen or pencil, outline the glass. Try to make sure that the glass is in an even position before marking the area.

Cut on the inside of the marked area, making sure that the ink or pencil line is not showing.

Put your card into your frame and voila, instant decor!

This project is also perfect for a kid's room using birthday cards or for holiday decor using holiday themed cards.

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